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Skyblock Rules

From now on we will work with a strike system. This means that you can get strike(s) for breaking the rules. You can get a maximum of 3 strikes, upon reaching 3 strikes you will be disqualified from Island Top rewards. You will not get a strike for every rule violation, but we will indicate below in the rules for which rules does.

Strike 2 - 20% Island Levels taken.
Strike 3 - Island DQed + Island removal.

Island owners are responsible for their island members. Any strikes/DQs will affect them as well.


Entering an Island Through Unauthorized Ways
Having homes or finding other ways to get onto someone's land without their permission is not allowed

Hacked client
Using a hacked client or other cheat client on the server is not allowed.

Inappropriate Builds
Building sexual or racist symbols or figures is not allowed.

Insiding Islands/Griefing
When you join an island and want to leave the island to start your own island, you are not allowed to bring everything with you. You are only allowed to bring your personal belongings. This does not include Island value or spawners. If you do, it is considered insiding. 

Griefing or scamming in any way is not allowed.

NOTE: If you agree with the island owner that you can take Island value and / or spawners then that is allowed. 
When kicked from an island without a chance to get your items back. This is not insiding as you knowingly gave your spawners to the island with the knowledge that you could be kicked.

Inappropriate Item name
Renaming any items to something inappropriate or offensive is not allowed.

Inappropriate Island Name
Changing your island name to an inappropriate name or statement is not allowed.
NOTE: A Island Name being considered inappropriate is up to the staff team.

Redstone clocks
It's not allowed to have redstone clocks on the server. This is to prevent lag and so players have a good playtime on the server.

Strikable Offences:​

Alt Island(s)
Having an alt island is strictly prohibited and will therefore be punished.
Punishment: 2 Strikes + All Value on the island will be removed.

Splitting Value/Island Wealth
Splitting island wealth in order to gain an advantage over other islands is not accepted. This includes unfairly assisting another island to obtain island top or intentionally boosting other island. 
Punishment: 2 Strikes

Use of Scripts
Scripts of any kind automatically run commands (i.e. /fix, /sell, etc…), move around, and give an unfair advantage are not allowed. Autoclickers are also included and are therefore not allowed.
Punishment: 1 Strike.

Bug/Glitch Abuse
Bug/Glitch Abuse is not allowed and will result in 2 strikes. Examples of bug abuse include, but are not limited to, unauthorized methods of gaining mobcoins and/or money, Glitching outside your island, etc.. 
NOTE: You will not be punished when reporting a bug, unless you already took advantages of it
Punishment: 2 Strikes

Duplicating items/money/etc.. is not allowed in any form. This immediately results in a disqualification
NOTE: You will not be punished when reporting a bug, unless you already took advantages of it
Punishment: 3 Strikes

Using any types of Macro’s isn’t allowed because it gives you an unfair advantage over other players. 
Punishment: 1 Strike

Using an auto-clicker; bot; script; macro - to automatically sell items is disallowed. Doing so will result in the following punishment. 
Punishment: 1 Strike

Using an auto-clicker; bot; script; macro of any sort is not allowed. If caught doing this it will result in punishment.
Punishment: 1 Strike

Merging with another island is only allowed in the first 7 days of the opening of the season. If you merge with an island you will get a punishment.
NOTE: Merging is considered when you try to move up on is top with taking value from your island to another and joining them.
Punishment: 2 Strikes

Cheater Association
Playing and helping hackers and cheaters that you know is playing unfairly is not allowed. You will be punished the same as the cheater/hacker. This means: Supplying a cheater with money and gear to help protect you, receiving and accepting items from a cheater.
NOTE: AFK mining IS allowed, but the use of hacked clients in order to afk is punishable. This does not include a common glitch using F11, as this can be easily used by all players.
Punishment: 1 Strike

Alts on the server/island
You are allowed to have a total of 4 alts per player on the server. That means you can have a max of 5 accounts at the time on the server (1 main + 4 alts).
Punishment: 1 Strike

Redstone Farms/Builds
It's not allowed to have any kind of redstone farms or big redstone builds on the server. Redstone farms can cause a lot of lag for the server and will affect the player experience on the server. However you are allowed to have small redstone build for moving blocks or mobs.
Punishment: 1 Strike + Redstone farm removed (No refunds)